How to Receive a Quote

It is important for me to learn about your business and what you want to achieve with a new design (website or logo) in order to provide a quote for your project as accurately as possible. Here is what I need to know as a first step

Custom Website Design

  1. Is this a new website, or a redesign of an existing website, and if so, please provide the URL to your current website. If you need a new website, please skip 2-4 and go directly to Question 5.

  2. Please provide three main reasons for the redesign? For example, change of scale or purpose of the site? Needing a new look and feel? Adding new functionalities? Inability to access or update the site?

  3. Does your website have a back-office, C-Panel or Wordpress Admin? Can you describe how you are currently maintaining the site, how and why it's not meeting your needs?

  4. Do you need a new logo or re-branding of your site? If not, do you have all the content for the website ready? Please send me a Site Map of the new website if you have it ready.

  5. If you are starting a new website:
    Have you registered a domain name and purchased a hosting service for your website? (We need them both for the project to start)

  6. What does the website do? (For example, is it a business website to promote your product or service? Does it sell online directly?)

  7. How many pages or templates your website needs?

  8. Do you already have a logo? If not, do you need logo design service as well?

  9. Do you have all the text, images, product or services information ready? Please send me a few sample images and a site map if you have them ready.

    Additional questions for e-commerce website:

  10. What do you sell?

  11. How many products will you have on the site?

  12. Do you have a preferred e-commerce solution provider, if so, which one?


Custom Logo Design

  1. name and type of business

  2. location of business

  3. goal of the logo design

  4. how the logo will be used

  5. timeline for needing the logo, and

  6. which type/style of the logo you have in mind

  7. if this is a redesign of an existing logo, please send your current logo design and discuss the reasons for the redesign.

Please e-mail your response to I will get back to you with a quote within one business day.