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Hello! My name is Kate; I am happy to welcome you at Design Desk Live, where I help you with your design needs, live and wherever you are!

A little about me, I was born in Asia yet spent most of my life in New York City; for the past 6 years calling France home and happily married to the love of my life. Having spent my life in three different continents, my unique experience not only provides cultural and linguistic advantages to my work, it also offers me the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world. Before moving to France I worked in NYC as an interactive designer for 15 years. A child of the era, I had worked at start-ups, entertainment/music industries, e-commerce and advertising, digital media and publishing, and most recently as Senior Interactive Designer at

As a freelance designer I have been helping clients from around the globe for the last 20+ years, mostly behind multiple computer screens. I love what I do and most importantly that I can do it from anywhere in the world. However I often wonder if I could be more accessible to you, my future client - simply being here to answer any questions you might have. After all, the internet made it all possible to connect people from everywhere, only to make us more disconnected these days from behind our screens. In the spirit of Being Here and Now, I vow to be more present this year with a brand new approach to my design practice - thus Design Desk Live.

I like to think of Design Desk Live sitting at a street corner, nudged between the Laundromat and the Deli that you stumble across on your way to the subway. Come on in and say Hi, the lady behind the desk is real and won’t bite! AND I promise to do my best to LISTEN and HELP you with all your DESIGN PROBLEMS, big or small. With a click of a button (on the lower right corner of the screen) a chat is on - while we may both be sipping coffee in our PJs, let me be your personal Design Desk today.

My mission - offer my design services with a real HUMAN touch, one client at a time. It’s that simple. So please stick around and let’s chat!


Chat NoW

A Chat icon on the lower right corner of the page is visible during Business Hours. Simply click on it to launch the Chat.


M - F 9am - 6pm (CET) - Paris local time.

During OFF hours please email

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*Fees quoted in € euros and are subject to change. Please contact us for an estimate for all design projects. By making a payment to Design Desk Live, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

How to Receive a Quote

It is important for me to learn about your business and what you want to achieve with a new design (website or logo) so I can best advise and assess your needs. In order to provide a quote for your project as accurately as possible, please respond to the Qs below -

Custom Website Design

  1. Is this a new website, or a redesign of an existing website, and if so, please provide the URL to your current website. If you need a new website, please skip 2-4 and go directly to Question 5.

  2. Please provide three main reasons for the redesign? For example, change of scale or purpose of the site? Needing a new look and feel? Adding new functionalities? Inability to access or update the site?

  3. Does your website have a back-office, C-Panel or Wordpress Admin? Can you describe how you are currently maintaining the site, how and why it's not meeting your needs?

  4. Do you need a new logo or re-branding of your site? If not, do you have all the content for the website ready? Please send me a Site Map of the new website if you have it ready.

  5. If you are starting a new website:
    Have you registered a domain name and purchased a hosting service for your website? (We need them both for the project to start)

  6. What does the website do? (For example, is it a business website to promote your product or service? Does it sell online directly?)

  7. How many pages or templates your website needs?

  8. Do you already have a logo? If not, do you need logo design service as well?

  9. Do you have all the text, images, product or services information ready? Please send me a few sample images and a site map if you have them ready.

    Additional questions for e-commerce website:

  10. What do you sell?

  11. How many products will you have on the site?

  12. Do you have a preferred e-commerce solution provider, if so, which one?


Custom Logo Design

  1. name and type of business

  2. location of business

  3. goal of the logo design

  4. how the logo will be used

  5. timeline for needing the logo, and

  6. which type/style of the logo you have in mind

  7. if this is a redesign of an existing logo, please send your current logo design and discuss the reasons for the redesign.

pre-made & digital Download-

P R E - M A D E L O G O D E S I G N

  1. name and type of business

  2. the logo design you like to purchase (a link or a screenshot of the logo)

  3. any specific format or size needed

  4. pre-made logo designs are sold AS IS therefore no customization service is included. If you need customization for a pre-made logo, a custom design package will be recommended for you.

  5. design option preferred - Basic or Premium (please refer to the Fee section for details)


  1. the logo design you like to purchase (a link or a screenshot of the logo)

  2. the format needed (PSD or EPS)

  3. please note DIY Logo Download and all our digital products are sent via E-mail and there is no customization service included. If you need customization service, a custom design package will be recommended for you.

Please e-mail your request for quote to

Recommendation/suggestions along with a quote and payment instructions will be provided for you to proceed to place an order.

Payment in full is required for all projects to proceed.

By making a payment to Design Desk Live, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.


Chat with me here LIVE Weekdays 9am – 6pm CET (Central European Time).
During OFF hours please email

Interested in getting a quote for your project? Please learn what I need to provide a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design Desk Live?

Design Desk Live is created in 2019 by The Paris Wife, a digital and interactive design studio in France, with a mission of better and direct customer service to potential clients. The Paris Wife provides logo design and web design services worldwide.

How much do you charge?

I provide both hourly based and project/fee based service depending on your needs and the type of work. Quotes are provided based on the project fee and the scope of the project. Hourly rate is €99 (euros) for support or maintenance work, scheduled in advance or by appointment. Please refer to the Fee section for pricing info.

To receive a quote for a custom design project please visit Quotes.

How long does it take for a custom design project?

Custom logo design projects take up minimum of 5 business days or more depending on the amount of work. Custom web design projects varies depending on the scale of the project, which can be from 1-2 weeks for a 5-page Wordpress or Squarespace website, or 3-4 weeks for a Shopify e-commerce website.

What is your process?

Our process begins with understanding your business, setting the goal, research and defining creative objective to clarify direction, before we move on to the stage of design and review. No two businesses are the same - that’s why your role and participation is equally important in the Process.

How does it work if I am in a different country or time zone?

For over 20 years we have worked with clients all over the place - with the first 15 years based in New York City, and the last 6 years in France. We understand the importance of communication and connection with our client no matter where your business is or where you are. We do take on urgent projects whenever needed, and 24/7 for our maintenance clients. We communicate via e-mail and via Live Chat on Design Desk Live during business hours.

What can I use Design Desk Live Support for?

We launch Design Desk Live to help our clients the same way IT Help Desk works - drop by for a quick question about any of our digital product, design services, payment and orders, etc. If you are interested in working with us to create a custom logo or website, a little chat helps us get to know each other too. :)

Design Desk Live Support is an hourly real-time support service we offer via Chat. We provide walk-through of existing website for design or technical troubleshoot in real-time. If you simply need scheduled maintenance of your website, we offer website maintenance Off-Line as well.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal and any debit or credit cards accepted by Paypal.

What other services/products do you offer?

In addition to custom logo design and web design, we offer website maintenance, pre-made logo design, website header & branding design and digital products such as DIY logo template download, digital art print and Coloring Page download on Etsy. Please refer to the Fee section for pricing info. To receive a quote or to order any pre-made or DIY logo design, please visit Quotes.

What languages do you speak?

You can email us in English, Chinese Mandarin and French. However Design Desk Live Chat can only support in English at this time.

Please reach out via chat or email ( if you have any other questions.